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Aims & scope

World Journal of Surgical Oncology publishes articles related to surgical oncology and its allied subjects such as epidemiology, cancer research, biomarkers, prevention, pathology, radiology, cancer treatment, clinical trials, multimodality treatment and molecular biology. Emphasis is placed on original research articles. The journal will also provide significant clinical case reports as well as balanced, extensive and timely review articles on selected topics.

Article sections

World Journal of Surgical Oncology has article sections for submission and for browsing published articles. Sections cover the following topics:

  •  General surgery
  •  General oncology
  •  Biomarkers
  •  Bone and soft tissue sarcoma
  •  Breast oncology
  •  Colorectal cancer
  •  Endocrine tumors
  •  Gastrointestinal oncology
  •  Gynecologic oncology
  •  Head and neck oncology
  •  Hepatopancreatobiliary cancer
  •  Melanoma
  •  Neuro-oncology
  •  Pancreatic tumors
  •  Thoracic Oncology
  •  Urologic Oncology

Spotlight on breast cancer


Interleukin-6 and pro inflammatory status in the breast tumor microenvironment

Alessandro Sanguinetti, Donatella Santini, Massimiliano Bonafè, Mario Taffurelli, Nicola Avenia World Journal of Surgical Oncology 2015, 13:129 (28 March 2015)


Ambulatory sentinel lymph node biopsy preceding neoadjuvant therapy in patients with operable breast cancer: a preliminary study

Shinichiro Kashiwagi, Naoyoshi Onoda, Yuka Asano, Kento Kurata, Satoru Noda, Hidemi Kawajiri, Tsutomu Takashima, Masahiko Ohsawa, Seiichi Kitagawa, Kosei Hirakawa World Journal of Surgical Oncology 2015, 13:53 (15 February 2015)


Prediction of macrometastasis in axillary lymph nodes of patients with invasive breast cancer and the utility of the SUV lymph node/tumor ratio using FDG-PET/CT

Manabu Futamura, Takahiko Asano, Kazuhiro Kobayashi, Kasumi Morimitsu, Masahito Nawa, Masako Kanematsu, Akemi Morikawa, Ryutaro Mori, Kazuhiro Yoshida World Journal of Surgical Oncology 2015, 13:49 (14 February 2015)


Breast cancer in 30-year-old or younger patients: clinicopathologic characteristics and prognosis

Yao Y, Cao M, Fang H and Xie JP World Journal of Surgical Oncology 2015, 13:38 (12 February 2015)


Age at diagnosis in relation to survival following breast cancer: a cohort study

Brandt J, Garne JP, Tengrup I and Manjer J World Journal of Surgical Oncology 2015, 13:33 (7 February 2015)


Differential diagnosis of benign and malignant breast masses using diffusion-weighted magnetic resonance imaging

Min Q, Shao K, Zhai L, Liu W, Zhu C, Yuan L and Yang J World Journal of Surgical Oncology 2015, 13:32 (7 February 2015)

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Change of editorial email

To permit the introduction of enhanced support for peer review, the editorial email address for World Journal of Surgical Oncology has been changed to wjso@biomedcentral.com.

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